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AYSO Area 11K - Orange County
Fall 2017 Area Playoffs

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Schedule Updates

The top 2 teams in points advance to the championship game and the next 2 teams in points advance to the consolation game, regardless of division (not the bracket winners).

Game Scoring for Area 11K League Playoffs

Six (6) points for a Win
Three (3) points for a Tie
Zero (0) points for a Loss
One (1) point for a goal (3-point Maximum)
One (1) point for a Shut-Out
A Maximum of Ten (10) points is possible in any one game
A forfeit shall be scored as 3-0 (10 points)
One (1) point deduction per Red Card and or Coach / Assistant Coach send off 

Mercy Rule is in effect
Teams that win a game by a final goal differential of six (6) or more goals will receive a one (1) point deduction in the standings for every goal scored above five (5) goals.


Please make sure you have Rosters, Player Forms and ID Cards for both Players and Coaches.


All Area K Active MY2017 Refs have been created.
Default Password for New Refs = "ayso"
Please email if you have any issues

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